Nursing professional misconduct case studies

Created in the Fall of 1992, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing's AACN Substance Abuse Task Force was charged with developing a policy statement to address the problem of substance abuse in the nursing education community. The focus is on evidence-based, patient-centered nursing care of patients and families.

Nursing Professional Misconduct Case Studies...A Good Surprise For Friends

Course Component LaboratoryClinicalNURS3134Human Experience in Acute and Chronic Illness I4 hrs.

In addition, patients can request that health care facilities provide an "institutional report card" that describes such indices as outcomes of patient care for medical conditions and surgical interventions, medical error rates, nosocomial infection rates, RN to patient staffing ratios, availability of support personnel, morbidity and mortality rates, lengths of stays for patients with certain conditions, opportunities for pre-admission and discharge planning, and incidents of malpractice. Note: Studies that rely solely on measures of self-report, e.

Prerequisites: NURS 3126: Clinical Nursing II; NURS 3134: Human Experience in Acute and Chronic Illness I; NURS 3143: Family Focused Nursing; NURS 3162: Human Experience of DisabilityThis course provides a theoretical basis for selected complex acute and chronic illnesses across the human lifespan. C; Karen Strobel, RN, MSN March 2, 2007 Randall Hudspeth, MS, APRN-CNSNP April 2, 2007 David Keepnews, PhD, JD, RN, FAAN; Pamela H.

nursing professional misconduct case studies

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